Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My mom is the Coolest :-D

Here is the situation: my friend Bob (and his band In Silent Code) are playing at Absinthe on Saturday night. Neda, who is really good friend's with Bob, asked me to go with her. I said yes of course. She also asked me to ask Chris if he wanted to come; we both think he might like their music, it's harder rock-ish kinda stuff. Trouble is, it's at a club, it will be late by the time it's over. There will be no way for him to get back to Toronto. He will need a place to stay, and the obvious choice would be my house of course. My grandparents house that is.

I've never asked, I've never wanted to ask, to have a man spend the night. I just felt it would be.. disrespectful to ask. But... this is different. Chris is different. He's not just 'some guy', he's my man. I wanna keep this one. I plan on moving in with this one after all. When I mentioned that to my mom she said she hoped it worked out for us, that made me happy. But then, of course she wants me to be happy, she's my mom. And even a blind person could see how happy I am with my Chris. :)

So I decided to ask my mom if Chris could stay over. Her answer? " I don't see why not." How cool is that?! When I asked her if she was sure, she teased me, "What you worried your bed can't take it?" Ha! So cool. I love my mom. :D

In other news, my manager at Cotton Ginny asked me today if I wanted to stay on permanently, well at least until I find work in Toronto. The part time girl quit, so she needs a new closer. This is going to be me. My manager knows I'm planning on moving to Toronto, she asked how long I thought that process I would take, I said 1-3 months. She's okay with that. She was happy in fact, so much so she gave me a hug! I think she really likes me, I'm very pleased by that one. Yay me. ha.

I'm really glad I get to work while finding another job, I was worried about not having enough savings. This is good. The fact that I miss my man is good too. It will give me the motivation I need to get off my ass and start looking. I plan to start tomorrow. The sooner I start looking, the sooner I will find something, the sooner I will get to live with my man full time.. I can't wait. I love falling asleep next to him. I love waking up with him. I love spending time with him.. even when we are doing our own things, I just like having him around, and vise versa.

Oooh, and another benefit of my Chris spending the night, besides it meaning I get to spend Saturday with him, we get to test out my mattress for sleepability. I don't really like his. It's too hard for me. I'm a fat chick with really wide hips, his bed puts uncomfy pressure on my hips. I love my bed. I'm hoping he will like my bed. I'm really really hoping. Otherwise... well.. I think we might need to get a mattress pad or something, cause I just don't think I could sleep on his mattress long term.


Married Lesbian Mom said...

Funny, but we have the same name and we are the same age!! I live in the US, but feel free to check out my blog. When is your birthday? Mine is March 11.

Melissa Hazelton said...

Same name, and the same age?? Now that's weird! I knew we had the same name, when I looked for myself, I found you! But I didn't realise we were the same age as well. ha.

Our birthday's are rather close too, number wise at least. Mine is July 11.

Married Lesbian Mom said...

That is just crazy! Do you have any relatives in the US? Hazelton nis not a common name here.