Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Book Review...that Degenerated into a Rant...

2.5/5 Stars for by

Free kindle read. The story is far better than most free reads - the characters are well developed, the plot is interesting, and there are even some very mild sexy bits.

Overall I liked this, I mean, I read it for hours on end (like 16 hours or so) because I couldn't put it down, I was enjoying the characters far too much.

I have one HUGE issue, and a few smaller ones though.

My largest issue is perhaps a spoiler, but I don't really think so. The author keeps mentioning the time the heroine and hero "accidentally had sex". Now, first off, you can't just accidentally have sex, what, did she fall on his cock?? Second, THIS NEVER HAPPENED!! It's mentioned a few times throughout, but finally close to the end you learn it happened her first night in the mansion. I went back and re-read it thinking I might have swiped too many times and passed pages without realizing. Nope. It NEVER HAPPENED.

Clearly there was an edit at some point and the author didn't bother to go back through the rest of the book to make sure the deleted scene wasn't mentioned. To me, it's a big deal because the KEEP mentioning it, and base other decisions/feelings on it. Edit people!! EDIT!

Okay, second issue, related to the first, and more SPOILER. So don't read if you don't want to know!

Only until nearly half way through the book or more, the reader learns that the' accidental sex' was supposedly her first time having sex EVER. What?! I can't imagine even Charlotte who is so good at putting things behind her would just let that one slide, not with her past being what it was. Cause I mean, if she'd not had sex before coming to the mansion (first she was twenty, then a chapter later 19), she must have had a reason not to, why wouldn't that reason stand?

Also WHAT THE FUCK, a virgin?!? How could she possibly spend 50% of the book bemoaning the fact that she was a "dirty slut" in her own mind when she'd never actually had sex before? Sure she used her sex appeal at work, but it never went under her clothes, or beyond moderate petting and teasing. And seeing as she is uneducated and poor, she did what she had to to survive. It felt like the author was judging her for it, and that pissed me off.

Oh! And homophobe much!? Any time anything sexy ever happened between two boys the author made sure Charlotte and/or Alexander were disgusted by it, even if Alexander appeared to be having a good time until she showed up and disapproved. That really bothered me.

Why did all the men that slept with other men deny being gay or even bisexual, and were adamant they preferred women/were straight? WHAT THE HELL? These men were supposedly comfortable sleeping with other men, so why were they so damn quick to say they were hetero?? Why does it have to matter?! Why can't they just enjoy each other without all the negativity?! What the hell is so wrong with being gay?! Nothing. Sadly this author doesn't seem to agree.

So, yeah, clearly there were bits that bothered me for all sorts of reasons, and yet, I had trouble putting it down. Now that I've thought about all this though, I'm not sure I can even finish the 6% I have left to read. I'm just too....upset.

Recently I read a great line, though I can't remember where, an image on fb is mostly likely. It's stuck in my head since:
Homophobia isn't a phobia. You aren't scared. You're an asshole.
That sums up my feelings on the subject perfectly.

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