Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Sympathy from Me, You selfish, inconsiderate, mother-fucking asshole, fuckwit Subway Jumper

So some fucking asshole decided to make mine, and everyone else's 6pm subway commute an hour longer, and a whole lot less pleasant.

I get on the subway train, only to learn that the driver is "distressed", a few minutes of listening to passengers, to learn that some selfish fuckwit thought it would be a great idea to jump in front of a new subway train at union station. Fucking asshole! And he didn't die! Right now I'm so fucking pissed off I would like to finish the job for him.

No really. Fucker. Like how fucking selfish do you have to be to jump in front of a subway train? You have just fucked up some innocent driver, possibly for life. It doesn't matter if the driver sees you, there is a ton of steel at his back, and it takes time to stop it, no matter how fast he may want to stop it. And you've just made him or her, the driver a murderer just because you don't have the fucking balls to do the job yourself. Selfish.

In comparison my inconvenince is just that. Inconvenince. I'm chronically ill. I was forced by this mother fucking, asshole fuckwit to walk an extra hour today, which means, because I had to push, that I'm doing fuck all for the next few days, not to mention the blisters. Fucker. It took me 2.5 hours to get home thanks to your selfish basket case self. Ya know, I'm sorry you're not dead. Fucker.

And, And. I'm soooo pissed off, in all the commotion, I left my hat on the fucking train!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My hat. That I spent about a solid week, week and a half knitting. My hat that I'd worn only a handful of times. Is now in the hands of some non-knitter, I'm sure.

I am SO pissed off. I knew I'd left it as soon as I left the paid zone. Of course. But they were clearing the subway platform, they weren't going to let me go back down.


SO pissed off!!!! This is only the second time EVER I have lost a hat. Of course the other hat was, at the time, my favourite. At least I didn't love this one as much, but it was my first faire Ilse project! It only had one visible (to me) mistake! It was beautiful!!! It was warm! It was a week or more of hard core knitting!!!!!


Selfish, inconsiderate, mother fucking asshole fuckwit shit for brains, good for less than nothing!


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Velvet Kitten said...

it may be worth making a call tomorrow to see if it was turned in/found who knows maybe it is waiting for you to claim it. We lost a cell phone and were sure it was gone but I called and damned if it was not there. Don't give up hope just yet. Call and see.