Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm Like an Internet Celebrity Now or Something!

I've finally added some of my wedding pictures to my Flickr account, most so I can share them with the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool.  I eventually want to submit my wedding, though I don't think it will be posted.... I was hoping I might make it into the "look at this cool dress" pile though.

What I got was a wonderful surprise!  Ariel, of OBB, likes my favourite dress picture! Enough to use it!! Squee! And I'm now on the OBB website! woohoo! (below is the image you are looking for)

Bride doing some Important Reading before the Wedding.

So excited by this! So very very excited!

I'm also now showing up in the Flickr Pool, which was the original goal, but seeing my image as first has me really happy, and proud somehow.  It's just SO cool after almost a year of reading the site and loving all the wonderful, unique weddings, to see ME as now being inspiration for other brides! Yay!

I most definitely am morbidly obese (that's the clinical term), but damnit, I looked gorgeous on my wedding day! And it's really important to me that other women who are more my size see it's possible to be stunning, and different, and large. And for them to know they aren't the only ones, they aren't alone in it all. 

Planning a wedding, preparing to be married, is huge, and can be totally stressful.  Suddenly there is this whole section of society some of us never knew existed putting all kinds of demands and expectations on us, to be thinner, prettier, more mainstream, more white, more something. It's so damn important to hear other voices! Voices that say, whatever size, skinny, fat, somewhere in the middle, you will look beautiful! And that plaid taffeta party dress you want for your wedding gown? That will be TOTALLY awesome! Offbeat Bride did that for me, and so many other women.  They helped me feel less alone. And they showed me how many different kinds of weddings are out there, right now, happening. I want to give back, I need to.

Sure there are 10,000 photos in the gallery, but how many are fat chicks? How many of those are fat chicks in colour?  I know when I was looking a year ago I had a hard time finding a woman that looked anything like me. There were quite a few plumb women, but most of them had boobs bigger than their head, and amazing hour-glass figures - that's so not me.  So maybe I'll add something different, maybe not, I mean, 10,000 photos! I know I'm just another drop in the bucket, and I'm totally okay with that, I just want to add another drop!

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Anonymous said...

"And they showed me how many different kinds of weddings are out there, right now, happening. I want to give back, I need to."

You just did :)

Your wedding looks like is was stunningly beautiful as both you and your husband were.