Sunday, October 3, 2010

Engagement Pictures!

Since it's, you know, seven days before our wedding, I thought I'd finally share our engagement photos. Though, to be fair, we took them at the end of August and I didn't get them until the 22nd of September, so, you know, our timing is off in general here. ;)

We started out the session at Brookfield Place, because I just love love love the ceiling and atmosphere of the place.

Brookfield Place

Brookfield Place
I really like this one. Too bad the damn slip of my skirt is showing! :(  For some reason that happens in a lot of the photos of me in this skirt that day.  I wish someone had noticed! =/

Brookfield Place
I really love how my turtle stands out and I look booby! :D

My favourite picture of us
This one's my favourite of all the pictures of us ever taken. Seriously.  I just love it.  I want it on our wall in the living room, like on a canvas, 3' by 4' or something. :D

Next we sort of re-created our first date.  We went to the ROM where we had our first date...

Outside the ROM

 Laughing at the ROM

Then we went to the pub where we had lunch...

At the pub we went to on our first date
This is a very first date shot, but I like it cause it's sweet.

At the pub we went to on our first date
This is a very... stuff white people like shot... and... I like it.  I can't help myself! lol.

Holding Hands
This one just.. speaks to me...

Then we walked back to the apartment, and stopped in the little park around the corner.

Kissing in the park
I really really love the trees and light in the back ground here.

There are more, but these were my favourites.  I liked the one on the subway platform, but again, stupid skirt slip showing. :(  And I'm so not skilled enough to photoshop that out!  Oh well, there are lots of other nice ones!

Soon I'll have wedding photos to show you all!  Seven more day!!  Gah!!!! Yay!!  Gah!

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