Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pagan Party in the Woods?

I had this crazy dream last night. So crazy I just had to write it down. Chris says I should write my dreams down because they'd make good stories/books. I never see the point because they are usually just moments in time and not full on stories, but he's probably right. If I combined all my dreams I would get one very random story!

My dream started out with myself, Neda, and Chris being invited to a party, I think by a gay former co-worker. We saw him on the way there, he was bringing his bf, and some other people... The party was at a camp ground, closed to the public for winter, though it was fall.

When we got to the camp ground main building/gates whatever, I can't really remember the surroundings, we met the owner of the grounds, and his daughter, both aboriginal, though the daughter looked very familiar, like I might have been in school with her. Apparently the best man (I think) of the coming wedding had gone to HS with the daughter, and maybe I had too. She had helped him find his spirit guide and he had fallen in love with her. The Daughter had not. The owner thought this was all terribly amusing. The young man was so very enamoured in a most harmless way, and his daughter was obviously just kinda annoyed. lol.

The best man (again, I think), asked the daughter to commune with his spirit guide, and then she would know exactly what kind of party to create for him. I thought it was going to be his birthday party...

When we got to our first destination, the event was actually a wedding! The couple and their wedding party were wearing wellingtons! Even the bride hiked up her dress and splashed through the shallow water to get to this HUGE flat rock about 10-15 ft out from the shore. They were married at the peek of sunset. It was gorgeous. I totally had wedding envy! All the leaves were red, yellow, and orange, they lit up in the setting sun. It was so magical!

After the ceremony they a band with bongo drums and such playing music on the rock, and as the sun disappeared behind the trees, they had fire blowers (people that light liquid from their mouths on fire) all over the side of the hill near the edge of the lake. There was like 7-8 of them spitting fire and juggling torches. Everyone was sitting on blanket on the side of the hill watching the show, talking, laughing, cuddling. In fact, everyone was cuddling. It was such a friendly, positive atmosphere. Really, very cool. They even had people coming around with free beer, including the best man who was glowing with pride. It was such a wonderful celebration!

Then we went for a walk in the woods - along a path to a clearing up the hill. No one wanted to leave the lake, but I guess you can only spit fire for so long. The owner's daughter met us at the clearing and told us we were going to all find our spirit guides. She said it could take anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours. She told us to go look a the board to see what our spirit animal could be, then to walk out into the woods for 20 minutes, but to be sure to be back by then as she was going to be putting on a show.

As she said this used the big ceremonial knife and cut two holes in the skin on the side of her abdomen. She worked her fingers into the hole, lifting the skin from her body. Very bloody! She implied, I think that she was going to do something with her spirit animal for the show, and immediately I had an image in my head of her wrapping a snake around her body and into the hole in her skin. *Shivers*

I think is when my brain decided to distance myself from what was going on, and the dream became more like a movie that Chris and I were watching, and the girl that I was identifying with/the main character of the movie we were watching, was this 17-18-ish yr old girl with long dark blonde wavy hair, and an asshole for a boyfriend. She freaked out when the woman started pushing her fingers into the hole she'd made in her skin - rightfully so. Everyone else was either already half way to the woods to find their spirit animal, or was in the "cool! blood!' group.

The girl was really upset, and wanted to leave. She asked her boyfriend if they could leave now, and he was so cruel! omg! He told her he thought it was cool, and what was her problem anyway, and he wasn't going anywhere. The girl said she was going to walk home, and her boyfriend laughed in her face, asking if she was going to walk for two days, she said yes. No one else was willing to help her, or even give the poor girl a ride into town!

So she started walking. At this point I thought/said to Chris, "uh oh, she's never going to get home. She's going to come to some horrible end on the road home, just watch".

Well she walked, and walked, until the sun came up, and she was still walking by the side of the road, so tired so almost fell into traffic! The fact she wasn't dead yet was rather impressive. Though why she didn't just walk to the nearest town and see if she could bum a ride to the nearest bus stop I don't know.... I guess it wouldn't be a movie if people did the smart thing, this is what Chris is always telling me anyway.

So we fast forward to the next night I think. She's found a pay phone. We can see her breath in the streetlight. She calls her dad whom she lives with. She knows he's not happy taking her in after she left her mom - I think her mother was abusive, I got the feeling her mom was not fun to live with and her father had taken her in sort of against his will. Anyway, she calls. She's almost in tears. You can see the desperation in her face/eyes. She doesn't think she'll ever make it back home, not that it was much of a home to begin with for her. She asks her dad if there's anything he wanted to tell her. He doesn't understand. She says, about the time she's been gone, is there anything...different. I think she wants to hear that he misses her, that he wants her home, where has she been? She was only out on a date, and now she's been gone days. But instead he says "it's been nice without you here." She starts crying, her hand over the phone so he can't hear her gasp in pain. Her voice strangled, she tells him she'll just go back to living with mom if that's the case. Oblivious, and callous, he says okay and asks her if there was anything else she wanted. No she says and hangs up. Now utterly lost.

The next thing we jump to, is a bunch of young people sitting in the seats of a old-looking theatre. The stage lights are on, but there is no one on the stage. A tall, thin, elegant woman, with black hair pulled back in a severe bun is standing talking with them. She is most definitely in charge. She's wearing a dancer's outfit, come to that so are all the young people. She's telling them that part of their job is to come to shows while they are not dancing and to work the room, making sure guests are having a good time, and to liven up the parties before and after shows. She tells them their goal is not to dance well but to dance tolerably. She makes them all repeat this. As the 'camera' pans, we see our girl! Her face looks older/harder. Her hair is back in a bun like the instructor woman's. She's wearing a LOT of make-up with bright peacock blue eyeshadow that matches the blue leather of her dance shoes. You can tell her life is hard, but she's surviving, somewhere in the time lapse something innocent in her died, but she learned what it meant to really stand for herself and to survive. You could see it in here eyes. Come hell or high water, she was going to survive.

This is where the dream ends...

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