Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sunshine Yellow Seraphim

I've been lax in posting about my crafty things, I really have. This has to change! I have been knitting, honestly I have. I've also been doing some little cooking and baking too. I need to start posting about these things. I'm not really sure why I don't.... Hrm. something to think about there. Perhaps if I knew why I didn't I could fix it. It's not the effort, I don't do that much other things, honestly. Maybe it's my desire to hide from the world, being jobless, and feeling useless does that to a person I think. And although I'm doing things, I'm not earning any money, so perhaps I de-value them, or just feel guilty for enjoying them without paying for them?? I really don't know.

Anyway, enough with the inner reflection, and on to the knitting. Let me introduce (the whole, what one of you?) to my Sunshine Yellow Seraphim shawl.

Seraphim Lace Detail

I'm so very proud. I bought this beautiful yellow yarn at Romni Wools one day this past summer. Knowing full well I don't look good in yellow, I just couldn't help myself. I love yellow. It made me think of sunshine, and I just could not leave the store without it. It's not so often I fall in love with yarn these days, so I bought it. It was only 700 yards.
Not quite enough to make a shawl usually, but I used bigger needles, bought the Seraphim pattern that I'd fallen for, and knit it.

From this:
Huge skien of beautiful Fleece Artist Merino

To this:
Seraphim Shawl on Chair

In a couple weeks. I was addicted to knitting this shawl. The yarn was such a joy to knit with! The pattern was simple and clear. The lace pattern at the bottom is just so graphic at this size. It's also pretty darn warm for a shawl! And not a bit of itchiness to it!

Please excuse the horrible picture of me, but I wanted to show the shawl on me for size. It's big. It actually fits me!! And I'm a tall fat chick, so that's saying something.

Self Portait

Every time I wear it out I get compliments on it. This of course pleases me greatly. I mean, what's better when you make things than to have others oo and ah, and tell you how pretty they are? Okay, being able to wear them and use them, and be happy with them yourself is paramount, but I still like having my skills/craftswoman-ship(I don't care if it's not a word, I'm not a man) appreciated.

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