Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I. Need. to. Rant.

I STILL have a yeast infection. STILL. Two fucking weeks of pain. Two!! Two!!!!! And now I'm faced with a third and likely a forth.

Gods damn fucking vile antibiotics.

Never again! Never. Not without some kind of anti-yeast treatment upfront. I will refuse treatment otherwise. No UTI was ever as painful or unpleasant as this!! Fucking drugs! Fucking male doctors!

Fucking men! I HATE men today! I really really fucking do. Chris has been great overall, he really has, so the hate isn't directed at him, just all the other men I know. Chris loves puns in general you see, so he's often punny. This topic, however, is off limits, and he knows it. He's been trying really hard not to pun at me about it, which is good because I just can't fucking take it. I can't.

Can someone please tell me why men think it's okay to make fun of women's pain?! Hrm? I don't fucking get it. I really don't. "Oh look, you have caustic chemical burns all over your genitals! Oh how funny!" I don't fucking think so!

It really burns my feminist keester. Honestly. What part of this is in any way okay?! She's a woman, so her pain must therefore be funny?! Because our pain doesn't matter?! It's a condition that primarily afflicts women, so men can't really identify, I get that. But how the fuck do you go from "I don't understand" to "Let's make fun of the woman in pain"??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Uncool. Seriously uncool.

The men in my life seem to have learned that making fun of the woman having menstrual cramps is NOT okay, so I know they are capable of grasping some female-only problems aren't funny. So why do I still get all the fucking yeast jokes?!

My cunt (and the surrounding area, thank you very much) is on fire with a chemical burn that cannot heal because my fucking body has betrayed me and is making more fuel! It hurts. It really fucking hurts. And there isn't a gods damn fucking thing I can do about it! When I'm on the fucking antibotics the over the counter stuff just won't help. Fuck, even now, with the antibiotics gone from my system, the OTC stuff didn't get rid of the yeast! So I'm still in fucking pain. Burny, burny pain that's with me every moment of every fucking day. Existing hurts. Walking is fucking torture. I can't even fucking cuddle because that hurts too! And yet this is fucking funny somehow!?!?! Fucking tell me which fucking part of my suffering is fucking funny. Go on. What's funny?!

Grrr. I just don't get it. I don't.

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